Thursday, January 18, 2007

So, so close

Interesting how I thought this semester's schedule was going to be easy. After much rearranging and drops, adds, and general confusion, my schedule looked to have 17 credits, only one more than estimated previously (forgot an ensemble). I was actually thinking I was enrolled for too little, and added a piano class to the mix. Unfortunately the program we use automatically registers students for only one credit rather than the four we actually take...hence, rather than the relaxing 16-credit hour semester, I am now taking 20. Sigh. It's sadly sort of a break from the past year.

Since this first week has been all about trying to find books for classes (i.e. wait for the books to arrive courtesy Media Mail, aka Directionless-Lame-Donkey-With-A-Heavy-Load speed) and mooching books off friends to get homework done, I haven't had time to post.

I want desperately to write about my Toronto trip but I'll wait until I can devote the proper time and entry for it. I had loads of fun, and I promise it'll be interesting. Still waiting for the film.

On the plus side, I have finally received my camera back from Christmastime when I left it on the other side of the state! My joy is unbounded, and I want to go around taking pictures of everything. Had I gotten it a few days ago, I may very well have skipped class to cavort around campus and take a million shots of the beauty of nature. The weather has been such that everything has a coat of smooth, shiny ice on it. The trees in the sunlight look like they've been encased in fine crystal, and they glisten so beautifully it almost breaks my heart. The ice has been slowly melting off when people haven't been messing with the branches so things aren't nearly as breath-taking as before, but it was one of those times when I love winter more than usual. Le sigh.

Hmm, Blogger photo isn't doing what I want it to right now, so I'll have to post pictures later..I'm sorry there haven't been any pix yet but there will be, soon!

Tomorrow I go to Band Banquet, a.k.a. Band Prom and will take lots and lots of photos. Post (with pictures! and knitting!) coming soon :)

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